The Fenwal Thermoswitch Series 17100 Temperature Controller is a 5/8″ diameter hex head cartridge-style mechanical thermostat with an adjustable temperature set point. The Series 17100 has all the features of the Cartridge type above plus the addition of a standard 1/2″ NPT pipe thread for mounting purposes.

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01-017102-000Fenwal Hex Head Thermoswitch$327.00
01-017123-000Fenwal Hex Head Thermoswitch$327.00
01-047102-000Fenwal Hex Head Thermoswitch U/L Recognized$342.00

Principle of Operation:
The Fenwal Thermoswitch controller is a strut-and-tube type thermostat comprised of two basic parts: the outer shell, made of high-expanding metal and the strut assembly made of low-expanding metal. A pair of electrical contacts is mounted on the strut assembly and installed in the shell under tension. The temperature at which the contacts “make” or “break” can be regulated by a temperature adjusting sleeve.
Fast Response:
Because the outer shell of the Thermoswitch controller is the active sensing member, and not merely a housing, response to temperature change is almost instantaneous.
Close Control:
The controller’s shell and strut arrangement has “anticipation” characteristics which substantially reduce the amount of overshoot and undershoot during conditions of rapid temperature change.
Extreme Sensitivity:
The strut and contact assembly operates by slow make and break. This means that every temperature change, no matter how small, causes a corresponding change in the space between the electrical contacts. Therefore, contact action can be produced by a very small temperature change, which accounts for the Thermoswitch controller’s excellent resolution os 0.1ºF (0.05ºC).

Agency Approval:
Various models are listed to component recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Specifications & Options:

  • Shell dimensions: 5/8″ diameter, 3-9/16″ long (3″ long on units with threads)
  • Standard lead wire: 8-10 inches
  • Maximum volts: 240VAC / Vdc consult factory
  • Maximum watts: 1200 AC / Vdc consult factory
  • Maximum operating temperature: 600ºF / 316ºC
  • Minimum operating temperature: -100ºF / -73ºC
  • Contact action: slow make and break
  • Options (call for pricing and applicability to specific models):
    • Special Marking
    • Extended Lead Wires
    • Factory Temperature Setting
    • Temperature Restraining Device
    • Tamper-Proof Cap
    • Dial and Knob
    • Moisture Resistant Seal & Moisture Resistant Tamper Proof Cap
    • Armored Cable (over lead wires)
    • Terminal Plug Connector
    • Extended Temperature Adjusting Sleeve
    • Protective Wells
Fenwal Series 17100 Hex Head Thermoswitch – Technical Data & Specifications

Model No.


Temperature Range

Shell Material U/L Recognized
Contact Operation
on Temp. Rise

01-017100-000 5/8″ -100 to 400ºF Brass No Opens Discontinued, use
01-017102-000 below
01-017121-000 5/8″ -100 to 400ºF Brass No Closes Discontinued, use
01-017123-000 below
01-017102-000 5/8″ -100 to 600ºF 300SS No Opens $317.00
01-017123-000 5/8″ -100 to 600ºF 300SS No Closes $317.00
01-047102-000 5/8″ -100 to 600ºF 300SS Yes Opens $332.00

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