Fenwal Series 30000 Surface Mounting Thermoswitch Temperature Controllers are cost effective thermostats designed to provide close control when mounted in contact with a flat surface.

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11-30000-00050 to 300ºFSurface-Mount Adjustable, low temperature thermostat$52.00
11-30000-04885 to 250ºFSurface-Mount Adjustable, low temperature thermostat$52.00
11-30002-00050 to 600ºFSurface-Mount Adjustable, high temperature thermostat$52.00

Using the principle of differential expansion of metals, a temperature increase causes the stainless steel outer case to expand at a greater rate than the internal bridge assembly. Because the case is in direct contact with the heated surface, a temperature change is sensed almost instantaneously. With an increase in temperature the case expands resulting in a linear change of the internal bridge assembly causing the electrical contacts to open. This turns off the heaters. A decrease in temperature closes the contacts, restoring power to the heaters and turning them on again.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Overlapping Ranges from 50 to 600ºF
  • 1200 Watt Resistive Load Rating at 120/240VAC
  • Current Rating: 10 amps @120VAC, 5 amps @240VAC
  • Contact Action on Temperature Rise: Opens
  • Narrow Temperature Differential
  • Minimum contact rating of 100,000 cycles
  • Stainless Steel Case & Cover
  • Compact Size
  • UL Component Recognized
  • CSA Certified

11-30000-000 | 11-30000-048 | 11-30002-000 | 30000-0 | 30002-0

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Fenwal Surface Mount Thermostat