The Fenwal Snap Disc Thermostat is a rugged, precision thermostat in which a snap acting bimetal disc serves as the actuating element. As the temperature reaches the setpoint, the disc snaps to provide rapid contact action minimizing radio frequency interference and ensuring high reliability.

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08-020261-407Fenwal Snap Disc Thermostat$46.00
08-023384-463Fenwal Snap Disc Thermostat$46.00
08-023384-594Fenwal Snap Disc Thermostat$46.00
08-033024-019Fenwal Snap Disc Thermostat$69.00
08-033024-106Fenwal Snap Disc Thermostat$79.00
08-033024-032Fenwal Snap Disc Thermostat$79.00

Fenwal’s snap disc thermostats are individually calibrated to meet both thermal and electrical characteristics. The single contact switch arm assembly minimizes failures due to contact contamination, while the fine silver contacts assure long life and excellent current carrying capacity.

Thermostats with fixed mounting brackets are provided with 1/4″ quick connect terminals in the opposed-vertical position. Thermostats with movable mounting brackets are provided with 1/4″ quick connect terminals in the opposed-horizontal position.


  • Single pole, single throw switch action
  • Available for quick ship – no minimum quantities
  • Current ratings up to 12A @ 240VAC
  • 100,000 cycle rating
  • UL Component recognized
  • CSA Certified
  • Vibration resistant
  • Fixed temperature settings from 100 to 550ºF
Part No. Contact
on Temp Rise
Terminals Open
Temp ºF
Temp ºF
08-020261-407 Open Movable Horizontal 100 80
08-023384-463 Open Fixed Vertical 140 120
08-023384-594 Open Fixed Vertical 180 160
08-033024-019 Open Fixed Vertical 400 360
08-033024-106 Open Fixed Vertical 500 440
08-033024-032 Open Fixed Vertical 550 425


08-020261-407 | 08-023384-463 | 08-023384-594 | 08-033024-019 | 08-033024-106 | 08-033024-032

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