Watlow’s family of microprocessor based temperature and limit controllers provide an economical solution for applications requiring simple on-off control. These controllers and limits are available in a broad range of packaging options, allowing users to select the best version for their individual application. The controllers and limits are available with or without an operator interface and can be ordered in square 1/8 DIN panel mount, DIN rail mount or open board design configurations. The SERIES LV includes an operator interface for viewing and selecting the set point. A red, four-character seven segment LED displays the set point with a push to show process option. The set point selection is made with a continuous turn rotary encoder or optional tactile keys interface.



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LVC5HU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$276.00
LVC5HW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$276.00
LVC5KU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$276.00
LVC5KW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$276.00
LVC6HU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVC6HW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVC6KU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVC6KW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVCCHU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVCCHW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVCCKU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVCCKW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVE5HU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$276.00
LVE5HW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$276.00
LVE5KU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$276.00
LVE5KW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$276.00
LVE6HU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVE6HW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVE6KU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVE6KW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVECHU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVECHW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVECKU00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00
LVECKW00321000ALV Basic LImit Control$288.00


  • Fixed or adjustable set points – Provide tamper-proof operation & offer control flexibility
  • Four character LED display – Improves set point selection accuracy
  • Multiple mounting options – Minimize installation time
  • Heat or cool operation – Provides application flexibility
  • High or low limit with auto or manual reset – Provides application flexibility
  • Fahrenheit or celsius operation with indication – Offers application flexibility
  • Sensor break protection – Provides positive system shutdown
  • Agency approvals – Meet certification requirements/compliance
  • Microprocessor based technology – Ensures accurate repeatable control


L V __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
1-2. Control Model
LV = Series LV – Limit control with 8 amp relay output, rotary encoder with tactile key order option, four character seven segment display, 1/8 DIN square, reset switch.
3. Power Supply
C = 120VAC
E = 230-240V~(ac)
G = 24VAC
4. Package 
1 = Panel mount, 1/8 DIN square – spade terminals
2 = DIN-rail mount – spade terminals
5 = Panel mount, 1/8 DIN square – screw terminals
6 = DIN-rail mount – screw terminals
A = NEMA 4X Panel mount, tactile keys – spade terminals
B = DIN-rail mount, tactile keys – spade terminals
C = NEMA 4X Panel mount, tactile keys – screw terminals
D = DIN-rail mount, tactile keys – screw terminals
5. Sensor Type and Scale 
H = T/C Type J Fahrenheit (-346 to 1900°F)
J = T/C Type J Celsius (-210 to 1038°C)
K = T/C Type K Fahrenheit (-454 to 2500°F)
L = T/C Type K Celsius (-270 to 1370°C)
M = T/C Type T Fahrenheit (-454 to 750°F)
N = T/C Type T Celsius (-270 to 400°C)
P = RTD Fahrenheit (-328 to 1472°F)
R = RTD Celsius (-200 to 800°C)
S = T/C Type E Fahrenheit (-328 to 1470°F)
T = T/C Type E Celsius (-200 to 800°C)
6. Limit Type 
U = High limit manual reset
W = High limit auto reset
Y = Low limit manual reset
Z = Low limit auto reset
7-10. Low Set Point Operating Temperature Range Value (enter low set point value in 4 digits, i.e. 0450 or 1370)
A minus sign (-) is used in the left most digit to indicate a negative temperature value i.e. -450.
11-14. High Set Point Operating Temperature Range Value (enter high set point value in 4 digits, i.e. 0450 or 1370)
A minus sign (-) is used in the left most digit to indicate a negative temperature value i.e. -450.
15. Overlay/Custom Options 
A = Standard with Watlow logo
1 = Standard without Watlow logo


LVC5HU00321000A | LVC5HW00321000A | LVC5KU00321000A | LVC5KW00321000A | LVC6HU00321000A | LVC6HW00321000A | LVC6KU00321000A | LVC6KW00321000A | LVCCHU00321000A | LVCCHW00321000A | LVCCKU00321000A | LVCCKW00321000A | LVE5HU00321000A | LVE5HW00321000A | LVE5KU00321000A | LVE5KW00321000A | LVE6HU00321000A | LVE6HW00321000A | LVE6KU00321000A | LVE6KW00321000A | LVECHU00321000A | LVECHW00321000A | LVECKU00321000A | LVECKW00321000A

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