Watlow Style 40 Large Diameter Straight Sheath Rigid Thermocouples and Style 41 & 42 Large Diameter Bent Rigid Thermocouples provide protection and accurate placement through bulkheads or platens. Use with a compression fitting for a water tight immersion application. The Style 41 & 42 Bent Rigid tube offers protection and accurate lead placement around machinery and in tight spaces.


TC40 Large Tube Thermocouple Build-A-Product

Current lead time is 8-10 weeks, FOB: Carson, CA.


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Part No.CalibrationDiameterSheath LengthLeadsDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
40EJFGB012AType J1/4"2"12" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$29.70
40EJFGB072AType J1/4"2"72" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$36.95
40EJFGD012AType J1/4"4"12" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$29.70
40EJFGD072AType J1/4"4"72" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$36.95
40EJFGF012AType J1/4"6"12" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$29.70
40EJFGF072AType J1/4"6"72" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$36.95
40EJSGB012AType J1/4"2"12" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$30.40
40EJSGB072AType J1/4"2"72" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$41.15
40EJSGD012AType J1/4"4"12" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$30.40
40EJSGD072AType J1/4"4"72" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$41.15
40EJSGF012AType J1/4"6"12" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$30.40
40EJSGF072AType J1/4"6"72" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$41.15
40EKFGB012AType K1/4"2"12" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$29.70
40EKFGB072AType K1/4"2"72" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$36.95
40EKFGD012AType K1/4"4"12" FiberglassWatlow Style 30 Thermocouple$29.70
40EKFGD072AType K1/4"4"72" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$36.95
40EKFGF012AType K1/4"6"12" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$29.70
40EKFGF072AType K1/4"6"72" FiberglassWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$36.95
40EKSGB012AType K1/4"2"12" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$30.40
40EKSGB072AType K1/4"2"72" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$41.15
40EKSGD012AType K1/4"4"12" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$30.40
40EKSGD072AType K1/4"4"72" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$41.15
40EKSGF012AType K1/4"6"12" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$30.40
40EKSGF072AType K1/4"6"72" SS BraidWatlow Style 40 Thermocouple$41.15

Achieving specified temperature levels is critical to industrial processes. It’s imperative that temperature sensors are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications for accuracy and reliability. Watlow is committed to providing you with the most accurate, high-integrity temperature measurement products possible. Watlow offers from stock the greatest breadth of contact temperature measurement sensors and related components. Whatever your temperature sensing needs, Watlow can provide the optimum configuration, with the accuracy you require.

TERMINATION OPTIONS include: 2-1/2” split leads, spade lugs, 1/2” BX connector & space lugs, 1/4” & 3/16” push on female disconnect, standard size male & female TC plugs, miniature size male & female TC plugs.


40EJFGB012A | 40EJFGD012A | 40EJFGF012A | 40EJSGB012A | 40EJSGD012A | 40EJSGF012A | 40EJFGB072A | 40EJFGD072A | 40EJFGF072A | 40EJSGB072A | 40EJSGD072A | 40EJSGF072A | 40EKFGB012A | 40EKFGD012A | 40EKFGF012A | 40EKSGB012A | 40EKSGD012A | 40EKSGF012A | 40EKFGB072A | 40EKFGD072A | 40EKFGF072A | 40EKSGB072A | 40EKSGD072A | 40EKSGF072A

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Watlow Large Tube Thermocouple
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