Kapton Bracket Style Thermocouple – The Watlow Kapton thermocouples, when used with the aluminum bracket, has been designed primarily to measure roller temperature. By putting a light pressure on the roller, the Kapton thermocouple measures roller surface temperature without using slip rings. This type of set-up greatly reduces lag time and eliminates the cost of slip rings and their associated maintenance problems. It can also be used to measure conveyor belt temperatures or any other moving part by riding gently on the part surface.
Low Profile Kapton Thermocouple (without Bracket) When used without the bracket the Watlow Kapton thermocouple can be placed between heated parts for accurate temperature measurement. At the thermocouple junction, the overall thickness is only 0.016 inch (0.4 mm), so that it doesn’t interfere with thermo conductivity.
Kapton Peel and Stick This sensor needs no bracket and no special mounting. Simply peel away the backing and the self-adhesive film will bond to almost any surface. Temperature ratings for continuous use is 400°F (200°C).


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OKJ30B4AType JWith Bracket48" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$46.60
OKJ30B4BType JWith Bracket96" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$51.75
OKK30B2AType KWith Bracket48" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$46.00
OKK30B2BType KWith Bracket96" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$54.60
OKJ30B2AType JNo Bracket48" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$38.65
OKJ30B2BType JNo Bracket96" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$47.10
OKK30B1AType KNo Bracket48" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$38.65
OKK30B1BType KNo Bracket96" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$47.10
OKK30B10AType KPeel & Stick48" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$54.75
OKK30B10BType KPeel & Stick96" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$62.75
OKJ30B11AType JPeel & Stick48" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$54.75
OKJ30B11BType JPeel & Stick96" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$62.75
OKT30B12AType TPeel & Stick48" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$54.75
OKT30B12BType TPeel & Stick96" FiberglassWatlow Kapton Thermocouple$62.75


Achieving specified temperature levels is critical to industrial processes. It’s imperative that temperature sensors are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications for accuracy and reliability. Watlow is committed to providing you with the most accurate, high-integrity temperature measurement products possible. Watlow offers from stock the greatest breadth of contact temperature measurement sensors and related components. Whatever your temperature sensing needs, Watlow can provide the optimum configuration, with the accuracy you require.


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