West Coast Plastics offers zoned teflon impregnated fiberglass adhesive tape. It has adhesive on each edge but is non-adhesive in the center to prevent the teflon cover from sticking to the seal element or heat bar. For use in a wide variety of applications including sealers, packaging machines, heat platens and hot plates. Rolls are 36 yards long. If you don’t see the size you need call us for a quote.

Most parts in stock, FOB: Carson, CA.

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6700-3-1551/2Zoned Teflon Tape - 1.5" x 36 yards$132.60
6700-3-2051/2Zoned Teflon Tape - 2.0" x 36 yards$176.80
6700-3-2573/4Zoned Teflon Tape - 2.5" x 36 yards$221.00
6700-3-2651/2Zoned Teflon Tape - 2.625" x 36 yards$232.10

6700-3-155 | 6700-3-205 | 6700-3-257 | 6700-3-265

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Adhesive Each Edge

1/2, 3/4

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Zoned Teflon Tape
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