The Watlow Silver Series EM is a rugged, touch-screen operator interface terminal (OIT) available in three sizess (4.3, 7 and 10 inch diagonal display sizes). It supports a full set of features including serial and Ethernet communications with multiple controllers, e-mail messaging, universal serial bus (USB), data logging, flexible password security and multiple language support. The small bezel size and nominal two-inch depth make mounting in tight spots easy. The Silver Series EM programming software, EZwarePlus, is easy to use and features a large variety of built-in screen objects that makes it powerful. The Silver Series EM OIT paired with Watlow® controllers is the perfect solution for your industrial process or machine control application.

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TS00-0043-EM00Operator Interface Terminal - 4.3" Light Gray$469.00
TS00-0043-EM0BOperator Interface Terminal - 4.3" Dark Gray$469.00
TS00-0070-EM00Operator Interface Terminal - 7" Light Gray$870.00
TS00-0070-EM0BOperator Interface Terminal - 7" Dark Gray$870.00
TS00-0100-EM00Operator Interface Terminal - 10" Light Gray$1,350.00


Bright, color, high resolution, graphic, touchscreen, thin film transistor (TFT) display:

  • Maximizes display space in the OIT footprint
  • Allows application specific interface design
  • Allows viewing from a distance and at an angle
  • Highlights important process information with color and animation

User selectable portrait or landscape operation

  • Fits in tight spots

Built-in Ethernet, Serial, and USB ports:

  • Allows options for connecting to controllers
  • Provides options for downloading projects
  • Expands memory for recipe and data log storage
  • Supports barcode readers, keyboard, mouse and printers
  • Supports monitoring from a personal computer (PC) with free VNC Client software

Support for over one hundred protocols, up to three simultaneously plus multiple protocols over Ethernet

  • Connects to a wide range of industrial controllers and devices
  • Integrates a variety of devices to simplify complex operation tasks

Data logging, display and trending:

  • Helps operators monitor processes
  • Reduces labor and increases accuracy by automating time-stamped data collection
  • Stores captured data for future retrieval in multiple files
  • Saves time by exporting data to Excel-compatible comma separated value (CSV) files
  • Improves process understanding by allowing live and historical data to be viewed on the OIT

Alarm and event e-mail notification, monitoring and recording:

  • Reduces downtime by helping troubleshoot equipment and processes
  • Simplifies troubleshooting by recording time and date-stamped alarm and event history
  • Organizes and prioritizes alarms and events in up to 255 categories and 4 priority levels

Recipe management:

  • Reduces errors by automating process setting changes

Offline and Online Simulation:

  • Speeds up development by making it faster and easier to test projects
  • Allows more fine-tuning of interfaces by speeding up iterations

Time or Trigger-based data exchange:

  • Simplifies integration by allowing the OIT to copy data from one controller or OIT to another

Internal, piezoelectric buzzer:

  • Provides audible alarms and key chirp

Two-year warranty

  • Provides product support and reliability

Screen object password security with programmable hierarchy and multiple users:

  • Prevents errors and tampering by allowing only authorized users to access restricted items on the screen
  • Allows flexible hierarchies by letting the developer assign each screen object to any of 12 groups and grant each user access to selected groups
  • Provides password protection for upload, download and access to local setup
  • Supports up to 127 users

Screen object invisibility and/or interlock control:

  • Prevents errors by guiding operators

Powerful, easy-to-use EZwarePlus programming software:

  • Requires only a small investment in time to create a useful interface
  • Provides the ability to learn additional features as needed
  • Provides advanced interface features such as animation and pop-up windows
  • Reduces development time by providing extensive graphical libraries and facilitating reuse with user-created libraries
  • Simplifies development by allowing import of common graphic formats: bitmaps, JPGs, and animated GIFs
  • Free download at watlow.com

User-programmable macros with math functions and support for floating point:

  • Extends functionality
  • Automates processes

TrueType fonts with Unicode (international) characters and language switching feature:

  • Makes screens easy to read by allowing formatting such as bold, italics, underline, scrolling and blinking to direct operator’s eyes
  • Prevents errors by communicating with users in their native languages
  • Reduces development and support by offering a selection of up to eight languages per object

NEMA 4, CE, U/L, RoHS:

  • Allows use in harsh industrial environments
  • Assures prompt product acceptance

TS00-0043-EM00 | TS00-0043-EM0B | TS00-0070-EM00 | TS00-0070-EM0B | TS00-0100-EM00

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