Watlow Series F4S Single Channel Ramping Control – Watlow’s Series F4 1/4 DIN industrial controllers offer an easy to setup and operate solution for the most demanding ramp and soak processing applications. The features and performance of these units make them ideally suited for environmental chamber or furnace and oven applications. Single and dual channel versions are available.
 These controllers feature a four line, high definition LCD interface display that makes profile programming and controller configuration significantly faster and easier. A 16-bit microprocessor supports all the accuracy and performance advantages you have come to expect from a Watlow control.


F4S Build-A-Product

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F4SH-CAA0-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,656.00
F4SH-CAA6-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,803.00
F4SH-CAA0-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,726.00
F4SH-CAA6-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,873.00
F4SH-CCA0-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,694.00
F4SH-CCA6-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,841.00
F4SH-CCA0-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,764.00
F4SH-CCA6-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,911.00
F4SH-CKA0-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,694.00
F4SH-CKA6-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,841.00
F4SH-CKA0-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,764.00
F4SH-CKA6-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,911.00
F4SH-FAA0-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,726.00
F4SH-FAA6-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,873.00
F4SH-FAA0-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,796.00
F4SH-FAA6-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,943.00
F4SH-FFA0-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,796.00
F4SH-FFA6-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,943.00
F4SH-FFA0-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,866.00
F4SH-FFA6-11RGF4S Ramping Control$3,013.00
F4SH-FKA0-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,764.00
F4SH-FKA6-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,911.00
F4SH-FKA0-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,834.00
F4SH-FKA6-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,981.00
F4SH-KAA0-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,694.00
F4SH-KAA6-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,841.00
F4SH-KAA0-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,764.00
F4SH-KAA6-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,911.00
F4SH-KKA0-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,732.00
F4SH-KKA6-01RGF4S Ramping Control$2,879.00
F4SH-KKA0-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,802.00
F4SH-KKA6-11RGF4S Ramping Control$2,949.00

Up to 256 steps can be programmed into as many as 40 nameable profiles. Profiles can be programmed to wait for events or for up to three different process variables. A guaranteed soak feature allows you to set how closely your process needs to be controlled. The four digital event inputs can be programmed to remotely start, pause or terminate any of your preprogrammed process recipes. The eight event outputs are segment programmable, or three of them can be assigned to programmable compressor and boost heat/boost cool control. A real time clock can be used to start a profile at any time. Serial communication and dual alarm relays are included in the base unit. The Series F4 ramping controllers are packaged with a NEMA 4X front face to withstand harsh environments, and a four-inch deep case with removable connectors for wiring convenience. The Series F4 controllers are manufactured by ISO 9001 registered Watlow Controls and backed by a three-year warranty. Two to four day availability on all standard models.

Features and Benefits:

  • Guided 256 step, 40 profile, ramp & soak programmable memory
  • High definition 4-line LCD controller interface display
  • Menu customization
  • High performance 16-bit microprocessor
  • Universal inputs
  • Field upgradable expandable modular construction
  • Enhanced environmental chamber control
  • Cascade control
  • Real time clock with battery backup
  • 3-year warranty
  • Accuracy to ±0.1% of span
  • 32 to 130°F operating environment
  • EIA-232 & EIA-485 serial communication interfaces
  • Online help screens


F 4 S H __ __ A __ __ __ R G
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1-3. F4S = Series F4S – Single Channel Ramping Controller – 1 Universal analog input, 4 digital event inputs, EIA232/485, Modbus comms, 8 digital event outputs, 2 alarms, 40 files, 256 steps
4. Power Supply (low voltage option no longer available)
H = 100-240V~(ac/dc)
5. Output 1A (choose C, K or F)
C = Switched dc output / open collector
K = Solid state relay, Form A, 0.5A, without RC suppression
F = Universal Process, range selectable:0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V-(dc), 1-5V-(dc), 0-10V-(dc)
6. Output 1B (choose A, C, K or F)
A = None
C = Switched dc output / open collector
K = Solid state relay, Form A, 0.5A, without RC suppression
F = Universal Process, range selectable: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V-(dc), 1-5V-(dc), 0-10V-(dc)
7. Future Options
A = None
8. Auxiliary Input Module (choose 0 or 6)
0 = None
6 = Dual universal inputs
9. Auxiliary Retransmit Module (choose 0, 1 or 2)
0 = None
1 = Single retransmit output: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V-(dc), 1-5V-(dc), 0-10V-(dc)
2 = Dual retransmit outputs: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V-(dc), 1-5V-(dc), 0-10V-(dc)
10. Language Option (choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8)
1 = English with 100Ω RTD
2 = German with 100Ω RTD
3 = French with 100Ω RTD
4 = Spanish with 100Ω RTD
5 = English with 500 and 1kΩ RTD
6 = German with 500 and 1kΩ RTD
7 = French with 500 and 1kΩ RTD
8 = Spanish with 500 and 1kΩ RTD
11-12. Display Colors
RG = Red Upper Display & Green Lower Display

F4SH-CAA0-01RG | F4SH-CAA6-01RG | F4SH-CAA0-11RG | F4SH-CAA6-11RG | F4SH-CCA0-01RG | F4SH-CCA6-01RG | F4SH-CCA0-11RG | F4SH-CCA6-11RG | F4SH-CKA0-01RG | F4SH-CKA6-01RG | F4SH-CKA0-11RG | F4SH-CKA6-11RG | F4SH-FAA0-01RG | F4SH-FAA6-01RG | F4SH-FAA0-11RG | F4SH-FAA6-11RG | F4SH-FFA0-01RG | F4SH-FFA6-01RG | F4SH-FFA0-11RG | F4SH-FFA6-11RG | F4SH-FKA0-01RG | F4SH-FKA6-01RG | F4SH-FKA0-11RG | F4SH-FKA6-11RG | F4SH-KAA0-01RG | F4SH-KAA6-01RG | F4SH-KAA0-11RG | F4SH-KAA6-11RG | F4SH-KKA0-01RG | F4SH-KKA6-01RG | F4SH-KKA0-11RG | F4SH-KKA6-11RG

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