The new Series CZR Watlow Solid State Contactor provides a low-cost, highly compact and versatile solid state option for controlling electric heat. With DIN rail and back panel mounting standard on every control, the CZR allows for simple and quick installation. The extensive capabilities of the Series CZR include single-phase, 18 to 50 amp zero-cross and random switching up to 600V~(ac). The unique integrated design includes a proper heat sink and precise terminations for the application. This controller holds many agency approvals and is ideal for applications taht require UL, CSA and CE approvals. Series CZR contactors are available in V(ac/dc) input contactor versions. All configurations are model number dependent and factory selectable. The Series CZR is reliably backed by a two-year warranty from Watlow Controls.


Current lead time is 6-8 weeks, FOB: Winona, MN.

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All Variations

Part No.Output (Amps)Output Voltage RangeInput Voltage RangeDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
CZ18-A24V-AC101824-280VAC90-140VACSolid State Contactor$144.00
CZ18-A48V-AC101848-530VAC90-140VACSolid State Contactor$151.00
CZ18-A24V-DC101824-280VAC4-32VdcSolid State Contactor$133.00
CZ18-A48V-DC101848-530VAC4-32VdcSolid State Contactor$140.00
CZ24-A24V-AC102424-280VAC90-140VACSolid State Contactor$173.00
CZ24-A48V-AC102448-530VAC90-140VACSolid State Contactor$180.00
CZ24-A24V-DC102424-280VAC4-32VdcSolid State Contactor$162.00
CZ24-A48V-DC102448-530VAC4-32VdcSolid State Contactor$169.00
CZ34-A24V-AC103424-280VAC90-140VACSolid State Contactor$180.00
CZ34-A48V-AC103448-530VAC90-140VACSolid State Contactor$187.00
CZ34-A24V-DC103424-280VAC4-32VdcSolid State Contactor$169.00
CZ34-A48V-DC103448-530VAC4-32VdcSolid State Contactor$176.00
CZ42-A48V-AC104248-530VAC90-140VACSolid State Contactor$225.00
CZ42-A48V-DC104248-530VAC4-32VdcSolid State Contactor$214.00

CZ18-A24V-AC10 | CZ18-A48V-AC10 | CZ18-A24V-DC10 | CZ18-A48V-DC10 | CZ24-A24V-AC10 | CZ24-A48V-AC10 | CZ24-A24V-DC10 | CZ24-A48V-DC10 | CZ34-A24V-AC10 | CZ34-A48V-AC10 | CZ34-A24V-DC10 | CZ34-A48V-DC10 | CZ42-A48V-AC10 | CZ42-A48V-DC10

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Watlow CZR Solid State Contactor
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