Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters from Watlow are thin, bendable and shaped to fit your equipment. You can use your imagination to apply heat to the most complex shapes and geometries, without sacrificing efficiency or dependability. With Watlow’s customization capabilities, you have the maximum amount of freedom when designing your equipment. Wire-Wound Element style is created by spiraling fine resistance wires around a fiberglass cord. This gives the heater excellent physical strength and flexibility. Excellent heat transfer results from the heater’s thin design and its direct bonding to the application. Flexible heaters also provide fast heat up and cool down rates, uniform heat distribution and high watt densities.


Current lead time is 2-3 Weeks, FOB: Carson, CA.

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Part No.Width (in.)Length (in.)VoltsWattsDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
L060080C1-0001B66120180Composite SRH$82.55
L060080C2-0001B66240180Composite SRH$82.55
L060120C1-0001B610120300Composite SRH$104.30
L060120C2-0001B610240300Composite SRH$104.30
L080100C1-0001B88120320Composite SRH$112.60
L080100C2-0001B88240320Composite SRH$112.60
L080140C1-0001B812120480Composite SRH$147.80
L080140C2-0001B812240480Composite SRH$147.80
L100120C1-0001B1010120500Composite SRH$156.90
L100120C2-0001B1010240500Composite SRH$156.90
L100140C1-0001B1012120600Composite SRH$174.20
L100140C2-0001B1012240600Composite SRH$174.20
L100200C1-0001B1018120900Composite SRH$233.60
L100200C2-0001B1018240900Composite SRH$233.60
L120140C1-0001B1212120720Composite SRH$200.55
L120140C2-0001B1212240720Composite SRH$200.55
L120200C1-0001B12181201080Composite SRH$270.65
L120200C2-0001B12182401080Composite SRH$270.65
L120260C1-0001B12241201440Composite SRH$348.20
L120260C2-0001B12242401440Composite SRH$348.20
L160180C1-0001B16161201280Composite SRH$318.35
L160180C2-0001B16162401280Composite SRH$318.35
L180200C1-0001B18181201620Composite SRH$395.70
L180200C2-0001B18182401620Composite SRH$395.70
L200220C1-0001B20201202000Composite SRH$478.25
L200220C2-0001B20202402000Composite SRH$478.25

L060080C1-0001B | L060080C2-0001B | L060120C1-0001B | L060120C2-0001B | L080100C1-0001B | L080100C2-0001B | L080140C1-0001B | L080140C2-0001B | L100120C1-0001B | L100120C2-0001B | L100140C1-0001B | L100140C2-0001B | L100200C1-0001B | L100200C2-0001B | L120140C1-0001B | L120140C2-0001B | L120200C1-0001B | L120200C2-0001B | L120260C1-0001B | L120260C2-0001B | L160180C1-0001B | L160180C2-0001B | L180200C1-0001B | L180200C2-0001B | L200220C1-0001B | L200220C2-0001B

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Watlow Composite Heater
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