Stoner® E342 Zero Stick Mold Release is a unique, extremely versatile release agent which is generally acceptable for applications where a food grade release is required. Zero Stick allows molded parts to be painted, plated, hotstamped, adhesive bonded, labeled, or otherwise decorated in most applications.

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E342 Zero Stick provides a long lasting anti-stick film for fast, easy part removal from molds and multiple part releases per application. Zero Stick improves molding efficiency in many processes including injection, vacuum form, and pour cast molding. Zero Stick is UL recognized.

The release agent in Zero Stick meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 184.1400, which details provisions for substances added directly to human food affirmed to be “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS). Economical – a light coating produces best results.

E342 Zero Stick Mold Release ADVANTAGES:
• Saves time – lets parts release quickly and easily from molds.
• Allows molded parts to be painted, hot stamped, or otherwise decorated.
• Improves part appearance and reduces defects caused by sticking.
• Formulated to provide high levels of user and environmental safety.
• Colorless and non-staining

Uses: Stoner® E342 Zero Stick Mold Release is an extremely versatile release agent for molding:
• Food grade
• Paintable
• Plastics

Packaging: Stoner® E342 Zero Stick Mold Release is available in:
• 12 can case of 12 oz cans Part # E342
• 5-gallon pails & 55-gallon drum Part # M342
• 31 pound Giant Aerosol Part # E742

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