Amptek Duo Tape Heaters are high temperature flexible electric heating elements. A unique dual element circuit design allows the convenience of power leads on one end. Duo-Tapes may be used on conductive surfaces as well as ceramic or glass. AWH style heating tapes may be operated to 1400ºF. Amptek Duo-Tape style heating tapes are offered in three standard watt densities: ‘D’ high @ 13 WSI, ‘DM’ medium @ 8.66 WSI, and ‘DL’ low @ 3.25 WSI. The heavy Amox Yarn braided outer cover provides added abrasion and dielectric protection for the element. The knitting puts more element length into a give area, providing longer life through better distribution of heat and yielding more flexibility.


Current lead time 5-7 Days, FOB: Stafford, TX.


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Part No.Width-InchesLength-FeetVoltsWattsDescriptionPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
AWH-051-020DL1/2212039Amptek Heating Tape$54.00
AWH-052-020DL1/2224039Amptek Heating Tape$54.00
AWH-051-040DL1/2412078Amptek Heating Tape$64.00
AWH-052-040DL1/2424078Amptek Heating Tape$64.00
AWH-051-060DL1/26120117Amptek Heating Tape$80.00
AWH-052-060DL1/26240117Amptek Heating Tape$80.00
AWH-051-080DL1/28120156Amptek Heating Tape$112.00
AWH-052-080DL1/28240156Amptek Heating Tape$112.00
AWH-051-100DL1/210120195Amptek Heating Tape$118.00
AWH-052-100DL1/210240195Amptek Heating Tape$118.00
AWH-051-120DL1/212120234Amptek Heating Tape$147.00
AWH-052-120DL1/212240234Amptek Heating Tape$147.00
AWH-051-160DL1/216120312Amptek Heating Tape$180.00
AWH-052-160DL1/216240312Amptek Heating Tape$180.00
AWH-101-020DL1212078Amptek Heating Tape$64.00
AWH-102-020DL1224078Amptek Heating Tape$64.00
AWH-101-040DL14120156Amptek Heating Tape$90.00
AWH-102-040DL14240156Amptek Heating Tape$90.00
AWH-101-060DL16120234Amptek Heating Tape$115.00
AWH-102-060DL16240234Amptek Heating Tape$115.00
AWH-101-080DL18120312Amptek Heating Tape$137.00
AWH-102-080DL18240312Amptek Heating Tape$137.00
AWH-102-100DL110240385Amptek Heating Tape$171.00
AWH-102-120DL112240468Amptek Heating Tape$195.00
AWH-102-160DL116240624Amptek Heating Tape$228.00
-MPHeating Tape Optional Molded Plug (only for 120V tapes)$5.00

AWH-051-020DL | AWH-052-020DL | AWH-051-040DL | AWH-052-040DL | AWH-051-060DL | AWH-052-060DL | AWH-051-080DL | AWH-052-080DL | AWH-051-100DL | AWH-052-100DL | AWH-051-120DL | AWH-052-120DL | AWH-051-160DL | AWH-052-160DL | AWH-101-020DL | AWH-102-020DL | AWH-101-040DL | AWH-102-040DL | AWH-101-060DL | AWH-102-060DL | AWH-101-080DL | AWH-102-080DL | AWH-102-100DL | AWH-102-120DL | AWH-102-160DL | -MP

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Heating Tape Low WSI-Amptek
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