Amcot Cooling Towers are rugged, compact, lightweight, and economical to install. They are made of durable, fiberglass-reinforced plastic that won’t rust or corrode! The fiberglass casing and basin have a TEN-YEAR GUARANTEE. The ease-of-use and installation coupled with their durability over time makes Amcot Cooling Towers a favorite in various manufacturing industries.

Amcot ST Series Brochure

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Amcot ST-H-5 Cooling Tower              Amcot ST-H-8 Cooling Tower

Amcot ST-H-10 Cooling Tower            Amcot ST-H-15 Cooling Tower

Amcot ST-H-20 Cooling Tower            Amcot ST-25 Cooling Tower

Amcot ST-30 Cooling Tower                 Amcot ST-40 Cooling Tower

Amcot ST-50 Cooling Tower                 Amcot ST-60 Cooling Tower

Amcot ST-70 Cooling Tower                  Amcot ST-80 Cooling Tower

Amcot ST-100 Cooling Tower

Current lead time 3-5 Days, FOB: Ontario, CA.


  • The fan motor is weatherproofed and totally enclosed allowing for less noisy and more efficient long-term performance.
  • The sprinkler pipes are sturdy PVC material pierced with closely-spaced holes allowing thorough distribution of water in a rotating spray covering the entire surface of the filler.
  • The round design permits maximum air intake regardless of wind direction.
  • Efficient operation results from the smooth pumping of recirculated water through the stand pipe and up into the sprinkler pipes.
  • A large diameter outlet pipe draws a constant supply of cooled water from the basin to serve the facility.
  • A large-capacity, durable water basin constructed from rust-proof fiberglass reinforced plastic guarantees low maintenance and long-term operation.
  • The efficiently designed PVC filler creates a surface area that allows for maximum dispersion of water which creates a superior cooling effect.
  • Housing panels and water basin are built of fiberglass reinforced plastic ensuring rust-free long term performance even under the most severe environmental conditions.
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